A Mirror of Naples

When Half Spent Was The Night: Book 5 in the Mick Chandra Series

Estonian émigré Erika Livoni knows something terrible has happened the minute she returns to the clothing boutique. She had just popped into another store, leaving her older sister, Katarina, to browse — last minute shopping on Christmas Eve. But now the boutique is locked, its lights are off, and Katrina is gone. Erika calls the police, who arrive only to confirm her worst fears. The boutique is now empty of everything, even clothes. The police suspect the store is a front for a ruthless Albanian sex-trafficking group.

Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector Michael “Mick” Chandra assembles a crack team to try to rescue Katrina. Among other experts, he relies on his trusted Detective Inspector Elizabeth Chang and an old friend, bookseller Jamie Geller. Jamie has an amazing track record in undercover work, but can he manage in this brutal world? Even Mick’s wife, acclaimed American concert pianist Jessica Beaumont, acts as a bait in an effort to help save Katrina and others. But what about the rumors of Home Office protection for the Albanian gang? Could there really be a high-ranking government official involved?