A Mirror of Naples

The Mouldwarp Prophecy: Book 6 in the Mick Chandra Series

Who would want to murder Jo Eccleston – and why? The brilliant BBC reporter was shot in the head as she left her Bloomsbury, London townhouse. During her tenure in both Afghanistan and Iraq, reporting on the ground and frequently under fire, she had earned a loyal audience that tuned in the evening news just to see this beautiful, spirited reporter dodge bullets. While in the Mid-East, did Jo learn things she should not have? Had she become a threat to some mighty and powerful players who might have something to hide?

Detective Chief Inspector Mick Chandra of New Scotland Yard, and his partner, Detective Inspector Elizabeth Chang, are baffled by the case, not because there are no obvious suspects but because there are too many. The more they delve into Jo’s murder the more baffled they become over the number of people who may have wanted her dead. In this particular murder case, neither Mick nor Elizabeth can immediately sort out a prime suspect from a vast field of candidates.

The story also features popular characters from Rebecca Yount’s previous books in the Mick Chandra crime series: Mick’s brilliantly talented wife, Jessica Beaumont, an American expat who has become one of England’s most revered concert pianists; Mick’s best friend and frequent undercover agent, Jamie Geller, also an American expat; Mick’s and Jess’ precocious infant daughter, Sarabeth and her loyal Greek nanny, Ya Ya.

And who is the mysterious young child, Tamara, and what role does she play in the case?

There are enough shady and questionable characters to keep the reader guessing until the very end of the story.