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Shalini Ayre interviews Rebecca about writers, writing and her Mick Chandra series.


“Yount obviously spent much time conducting research for this amazing mystery. The characters are relatable, the pace is top-notch, and the ending well worth the wait.”  Edie Dykeman, Mystery Books Editor, BellaOnline


“It is a British mystery and will put you in mind of say, Elizabeth George or Deborah Crombie. This is a very interesting mystery and I was engaged through out…. I do recommend this book to all mystery lovers but especially to those that enjoy a good British Mystery. This one gets 4 stars.” Clue Review


“This is the best Mick Chandra mystery so far. With a captivating subject matter and written so well, it’s an absorbing, can’t put it down read.” Read Shalini Ayre’s review of The Oracle of Baal.


The Kindle Book Review on The Ravenhoe Cauldron:  “…a very readable story….This third book in the series is also a good read as a stand alone novel. I had not read any of the others but they are now on my reading list….a real page turner. A recommended read!!”


“I am impressed with Ms. Yount’s research in this novel. It is obvious she did her homework about art forgery and fakebusting. And again, this installment just made Mick and his wife, as well as friend Jaime Geller and Mick’s partner, Elizabeth, more endearing. This is a thoroughly enjoyable and well-written series of mysteries and as always, I look forward to Mick’s next case. If you haven’t already read the first two books in the series, A Death in C Minor and The Erlking, do yourself a favor and pick up all three.” Literary R & R


“Another great outing in this series. Yount’s portrayal of the British officer is believable and engaging …. The mystery/plot has lots of twists and turns along the way and the international aspect of the case adds a great edge. I particularly liked that I found out more about Elizabeth who I was never wholly taken with, but certainly grew on me this time around. Overall, it’s an eloquent, well thought out story. A highly recommended read.” Shalini Ayre Book Reviews


Who says you can’t judge a book by its cover? Becky blogs about the often overlooked importance of the book jacket  for Mystery Writing is Murder


Omnimystery News talks with Rebecca about the newest Mick Chandra mystery, The Ravenhoe Cauldron


Literary R&R reviews The Erlking: “This is the second Mick Chandra mystery that I have read, and I enjoyed this one just as much, if not more, than the first…. Although you get to know Mick and Jessica more in the first mystery, A Death in C Minor, I think a first-time reader could probably pick this up and follow along….I am hooked on this series, and anxiously await book three to see what kind of mystery Mick needs to solve next. I recommend you get on board, as well, especially if you love mysteries!”


Two rave reviews from The Book Tree for Death in C Minor: “Mick Chandra is the new detective in the literary scene and a name that will soon grace the minds and lips of readers across the world. He epitomizes what all readers want. For the men, he is macho and tough, smart, and will stop at nothing to catch the bad guy. For the women, he is hot, tender, smart, and will stop at nothing to catch the bad guy….The book is full of action and is fast paced to where it was hard for me to stop reading, even for a few minutes, as I couldn’t wait to read what happened next….I know that anything I write here will not begin to do justice to that author or book, so you must read this as soon as possible so you can fall in love with this series like I did.” And The Erlking: “I am in love with Rebecca Yount’s writing….I can’t wait to read the third installment in this series and I urge you all to get the first two books as soon as possible. I envision a series of movies on these books and can’t wait to say I knew Mike Chandra from the beginning.”


Shalini Ayre reviews The Erlking: “With a chilling opening, Yount’s mystery packs a punch and keeps delivering….The author has handled a difficult and often disturbing subject matter with sensitivity without losing any of the dramatic impact to the story….Another brilliant, well thought out and intelligent mystery. The handsome Anglo-Indian detective is just as charming and even more likable as his is stunning partner, Jessica. Old friends are met again and despite it being the second book in the series, this is still a stand alone mystery….Overall, this story is a real page tuner and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. With the inclusion of the first chapter from the next installment of the series, I am very much looking forward to meeting up with the charismatic Mick Chandra once again. A highly recommended read.”


Another review for Death in C Minor: “….As soon as I got into the book a few pages, the story took off and it was a quick read. I loved the tone of the book and this is what definitely had me hooked as well as the story. I enjoyed all of the characters whether they were “evil” or “good”. I loved how the author wove the story throughout all of the characters with their personal stories included….I will definitely be reading the next one. I’m not sure if it will include Jess as a character, but I am hoping so. I highly recommend this book to mystery readers. Quite a clever and fun story!” A Date With A Book


Thanks to Bargain eBooks for featuring Death in C Minor in their December 6 posting.


Check out Kathy’s review of A Death in C Minor at Literary RR


“With compelling characters with their own baggage, they seem real to the reader as they try to unravel the knots in their lives and find a way to move into their future. The detective work is not overly done so the reader can keep up with the clues, but not figuring out who did it until Yount’s leads us to the conclusion.  Well done and I’d love to read another installment in this clever mystery series!”  Minding Spot


“Yount’s mystery is a fascinating web of deceit that takes its time to unravel. The main characters – Mick and Jess are vibrant and their relationship is honest, sweet and not wholly romantic. They’ve both been scared by a failing marriage so are cautious…The author has created a story that will lead the reader in several directions with a number of suspects. Her descriptions and overall language used is eloquent and suits the upper middle class setting … Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and look forward to adding the Mick Chandra mysteries to my collection of favored crime books. A recommended read.”  Shalini Ayre Book Reviews