A Mirror of Naples

A Death in C Minor: Book 1 in the Mick Chandra Series

Determined to rebuild her life following the death of her young son, a bitter divorce and a suicide attempt, American concert pianist Jessica Beaumont retreats to a 17th century cottage in rural England. But she soon learns that life in the village of Kenwick isn’t the idyll she imagined. A year earlier, Peter Chandler, a mysterious newcomer to the village, had been hacked to death in his manor house with his own kitchen cleaver. Equally disturbing, the case remains unsolved …… until it’s reopened by Detective Inspector Mick Chandra.

Like Jess, Mick Chandra has a few ghosts of his own — a childhood spent on the mean streets of Liverpool and a father murdered in a robbery. An Anglo-Indian (half-Welsh on his mother’s side and half-Kerala Indian on his father’s), Mick attributes his keen instincts as an investigator to his Indian grandmother, who was a seer in her local village. Although it’s a continuing battle, he has succeeded at New Scotland Yard’s Criminal Investigation Department despite the racial tensions that still divide England’s most elite police force.

As Mick begins to question the villagers, his list of suspects grows. There’s an adulterous vicar; an unscrupulous Cambridge don; a neglected, love-starved wife; a retired octogenarian army colonel; a loss-stricken daughter; and even Jess’ former lover, Adam Marr, a devastatingly handsome wealthy landowner.

Against the backdrop of Chandler’s violent murder, Mick and Jess find themselves falling in love. Though deeply wounded from previous failed marriages, they take the risk of opening themselves up again to love, only this time the love burns like a white-hot fire.

Under pressure from his superiors to close the case, Mick must find Peter Chandler’s murderer and bring him to justice. But who is the murderer …… the local laird, the cheating vicar, or perhaps the wealthy commodities trader? Or does it take a village to commit a murder?

A Death in C Minor takes the reader on a journey fraught with danger, love, and intrigue, where the unexpected becomes the norm. The surprise ending will astonish even the most jaded readers of mystery fiction.